Voter Registration Scanning Services

Back-file Scanning of Voter Registration Documents

Access Imaging Solutions LLC has provided County Elections Departments with the power to scan, index, and upload voter registration information, making them easily accessible to all elections staff.


  • Time it takes to find cards is endless
  • Organization
  • Need for better interdepartmental access to records for increased convenience and efficiency
  • Limited space though cards continue to develop
  • Needed approximately 500,000 images of voter applications and supporting documents scanned, indexed and uploaded into their Voter Management System


  • Convenient of having one system for viewing voter registration activity for over 100,000 registered voters
  • Efficient for elections to assist polling place officials and voters
  • Immediate access made voters feel confident in the elections staffs? answers to their many questions
  • Converted files to an electronic format and completed the job in record time

Access Imaging Solutions LLC Customer Testimonials

Convenient, powerful and wonderful, I only have to go to one place to look at voter registration activity for the McLennan County's 135,193 registered voters. During the November 4, 2008 Presidential General Election, it was an efficient, effective tool that the Elections Staff had at their fingertips to assist polling place officials and voters who needed assistance with the voter registration records. The immediate access to our records made the voters feel confident in the Elections Staffs and answers to the many questions we fielded during this election cycle. Access Imaging did an outstanding job in managing the task of converting our files to an electronic format and accomplished the job in record time. It was a smooth transition from pick up to delivery of our records and the constant communication from David Carney and his staff to my staff and our voter registration vendor kept everyone on task and made the project run effortlessly. I would highly recommend the use of your funds to have your paper documents converted to an electronic format and would be more than happy to recommend Access Imaging to do the job.
Kathy E. Van Wolfe
McLennan County Elections Administrator