Medical Document Management

Imaging of Charts and Records for Better Mobility and Increased Office Space

Whether a doctor’s office or a medical billing company, Access Imaging Solutions LLC has the power to cut back on the need for paper documents, allowing more space for patient care and portability of files.

Medical Office Problems:

  • Space continues to be limited
  • Too expensive to maintain records and organize files
  • Tedious work for employees that can be replaced by FileBound
  • Needed portability using a laptop
  • Numerous amount of faxes, request records, referrals, labs, X-Ray reports and prescriptions


  • Space used to treat more patients
  • No more misplacing charts, resulting in great security and HIPAA compliance
  • More time for employees to concentrate on more important things
  • AIS scanned 3,500 existing patient records and established a daily routine for imaging the patient records generated
  • No need to take their laptop home each day since the records could be accessed from their home computer

Access Imaging Solutions LLC Customer Testimonial

“Access Imaging Solutions LLC and FileBound have helped me expand my practice without having to add additional office support staff. I wholeheartedly recommend this company and this system to any medical practice that feels their paper records are running their lives.”

Click here to read a full case study on Alamo Asthma & Allergy.

Medical Billing Company


  • Took too long to gather charts to code from various locations
  • Needed secure site for employees abroad
  • Had several sources of data, but not one place to keep them all
  • Inconvenient to black-out information on a copy of a document


  • Provided on demand capability to capture all types of documents, anytime
  • Conveniently and virtually white-out, allowing for the creation of one person EOB from a group EOB
  • Eliminated filing cabinets and storage boxes, giving them more room to work Filebound software was integrated into the billing software, making the stored images instantly viewable
  • Annotations or notes to co-workers can be made to any document

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Countless businesses have discovered Access Imaging Solutions can increase their efficiency and lower costs by organizing and computerizing paperwork.

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