Auto Dealership Records Management

Computerizing of Documents for Easier Research and Reconciliation

Established in 1983, this family owned and operated dealership has grown to three locations, hundreds of vehicles to choose from, and have helped tens of thousands of people get transportation and build their credit. They accumulate about 4,000 documents a month between their 3 locations. Paperwork associated with an automotive sale, including the contract, credit application, DMV paperwork and so on?the deal documents?must be kept for ten years by law. Service-related records, such as repair records, warranty documentation, technician?s notes, invoices and others, have to be retained for seven years.


  • Costly and rare space was disappearing before their eyes as files needed to be held for 7-10 years
  • Needed more organization and access to deal files
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Cost of back up and safekeeping


  • Saved costs on outside resources
  • Ability to comply with the law and secure their documents from natural disaster
  • No longer have to pull files, replace them, and worry they aren?t in the right place
  • Made bookkeeping easier when researching and reconciling, right from the desktop
  • Deal documents are handled by centralizing accounting, rather than the varying dealerships

Here at Access Imaging Solutions LLC we?re in tune with how dealerships operate, and we believe this gives us an edge in creating a system that offers sophisticated document management while addressing the subtleties and complexities of the business.

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